JETmicro – small, universal, intuitive

The main features in brief:

  • Stackable micro controller
  • For 1 to 2 zones
  • Controlled by micro processors
  • 230 V/10 A per output
  • Automatic zone adjustment

High process reliability guaranteed

The micro device JETmicro for 1 to 2 zones is barely the size of a shoe box and yet it is up there with the big ones in terms of quality: Thanks to continuous process monitoring, the temperature controller in a handy stack format ensures reliable processes in your plastics production. JETmicro is suitable for general heating applications as well as different types of sensors and stands out due to its particularly simple and intuitive operation. It goes without saying that the mould connections of the JETmicro are also manufactured to suit your standard. At no extra cost whatsoever. That’s our service for you.


Technical data

Sensor inputs:
Fe/CuNi Type J -200…+1.200 °C/-328…2.192 °F
Fe/CuNi Type J -200…+1.372 °C/-328…2.502 °F

Resistance thermometer:
Pt 100 -200…+650 °C/-328…1.202 °F

Power outputs:
110-240VAC/max. 10A per zone, switching with
solid-state relay 25A, protected by ultra-rapid safety fuses
FF 10A, 6.3 x 32mm

Mould connection:
Customised at no extra cost

Power supply:
110 … 240VAC +10/-15%, 48 … 63Hz

Power supply:
Mains cable with safety plug, 4 m

Aluminium, colour RAL 5010 gentian blue;
Dimensions: (w x h x d) 170 x 70 x 210mm,
Weight: 1.5/2.2kg

Ambient temperature:
Operation 0…+55 °C, storage -40…+70°C

Climate stability:
rel. humidity < 90% annual average, non-condensing

Protective system:

Protection class:


The structure

User interface:

Single-channel controller “RS 2”, controlled by microprocessor, with fully automatic controlled system adjustment, format 48 x 48mm in slide-in technique, separate set and actual value display with 7-segment LED displays, alarm display with status LEDs, switchable to manual mode

  1. Actual value
  2. Heating on
  3. Set value / status display
  4. Parameter level (without function)
  5. Reduce set value or output level
  6. Increase set value or output level
  7. Switching controller/adjuster

Device rear view:

Each device rear view is configured to customer specifications and according to your individual company standards.

  1. Ultra rapid fuse
  2. Power supply
  3. Mould connection – custom-made for you



Device Models:

TypeZonesItem No.Temperature sensor
JETmicro 1 - Pt1101-xxxx-01Pt 100
JETmicro 2 - Pt2101-xxxx-02Pt 100
JETmicro 1 - Fe1111-xxxx-01Fe / CuNi Type J (+/-)
JETmicro 2 - Fe2111-xxxx-02Fe / CuNi Type J (+/-)
JETmicro 1 - Ni1121-xxxx-01NiCr / Ni Type K (+/-)
JETmicro 2 - Ni2121-xxxx-02NiCr / Ni Type K (+/-)

Special versions on request

xxxx = will be replaced by a custom version number in the case of special equipment.

Subject to modifications.

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