Pressure measurement system – optimises the filling process

Let’s start with the main features:

  • Compact add-on device
  • for 4 to 32 zones in steps of 4
  • Additional analogue input 0-10V
  • Operation via hot runner control devices
  • Flexible visualisation

A winner in combination with the hot runner controller

Since 2018 in our assortment the pressure measurement system DMS boasts high filling study precision and enables optimum cycle times during the filling process. The automatic detection of good / bad parts ensures a high degree of automation. The pressure curve indicates whether the temperature for melting the raw material should be increased or reduced in order to achieve an optimised filling of the cavity. The settings for the mould cavity pressure are stored in just one mould data set. The visualisation occurs via the connected temperature controller. DMS can be used irrespective of the sensor brand.

Pressure measurement system

Technical data

Aluminium, colour RAL 5010 gentian blue, special colours available upon request

See table “equipment designs”

Channels/pressure inputs:
4 to 32 in steps of 4 with 6 pins connection, measuring range 0-2,000 bar, sensitivity 1.5 pC/bar up to 10 pC/bar, 1 analogue pressure input 0-10 V/12-bit

Control inputs:
1 contact input 24VDC for cycle start
1 contact input 24VDC for future extensions

Aluminium, colour RAL 5010 gentian blue, special colours available upon request

See table “equipment designs”

via any hot runner control device of the VARIO, fitron TP or JETmaster TP series (software version 3.3 and above, download available under “Good to know”)

Ethernet to the control device VARIO, fitron TP or JETmaster TP, 1 x Ethernet to the external application

Pressure transducer connection:
See device illustration

Power supply:
110…240 VAC +10…-10 %, 50…60 Hz, 1P / N / PE

Control fuse:
Safety fuse MT 6.3 A, 5 x 20mm

Power supply:
Mains cable with safety plug length 4 m

Ambient temperature:
Operation 0…+55°C, storage -30…+70°C

Climatic application class:
according to DIN 40 040, relative humidity 75% in the annual average, no condensation

Protective system:

Protection class:

Manufactured according to IEC 348 (DIN VDE 0411)

CE Marking:
EMC according to 89 / 336 / EEC, EN 50081-2, EN 50082-2

Pressure measurement system

The structure

User interface:

The DMS extends each hot runner controller of the TP and VARIO series by one pressure measurement system – in a handy stack format, easy to transport.

Device rear view:

An additional analogue input 0-10V is included as standard, as are 2 Ethernet connections to the TP hot runner controller as well as to the external application.

  1. Connection 0-10V input
  2. Pressure transducer connection
  3. 2 x Ethernet connection
  4. Controlling signals from and to the machine
  5. Power supply

Sensor cable

Customer-specific manufacturing pressure cable for connection the pressure measurement system to the mould

Pressure measurement system

Device models:

ChannelTypeItem No.Size (mm) W x H x DWeight ca. kg
4DMS 41700-0000-04341 x 175 x 2505
8DMS 81700-0000-08341 x 175 x 2505
12DMS 121700-0000-12341 x 175 x 2505
16DMS 161700-0000-16341 x 175 x 2505
20DMS 201700-0000-20341 x 175 x 2505
24DMS 241700-0000-24341 x 175 x 2505
28DMS 281700-0000-28341 x 175 x 2505
32DMS 321700-0000-32341 x 175 x 2505

Pressure transducer 2.5 mmon request
Pressure transducer 4.0 mm910-00-40
Pressure transducer 5.0 mmon request
Connection cable 1 channel BNC coupling on triax plug 3m827-03-14/13
Customer-specific connection cableon request
Proximity sensor for calculation of the cycle start910-00-10

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