VARIO – easy to operate

Let’s start with the main features:

  • stackable desk device with master-slave function
  • Leakage monitoring
  • Multi-channel control system for 4 to 32 zones in steps of 4
  • – 230V / 16A per zone
  • Software updates per download
  • Display can be swiveled up and down

Central control 4.0 – VARIO is the future

One visualisation – one operation: Despite its size, the handy VARIO turns out to be a highly user-friendly, efficient hot runner control device, thanks to its display that can be swiveled up and down. Two desk devices with up to 32 zones can be combined with each other via the master-slave function and controlled per touch panel through just one device. In addition, connecting further devices, including needle valve-control and pressure measurement system, is possible via standard Ethernet connection. The VARIO with microcontroller control meets the highest requirements for the process reliability of your plastic manufacture while remaining as small and handy as possible. A further step towards the future is the linkage of all hot runner controllers to a central mould server within your company network or via OPC/UA.


Technical data

Aluminium, colour RAL 5010 gentian blue, special colours available upon request, practical carry handles for ease of transport

According to table “equipment designs”

Temperature control:
microprocessor controlled multi-loop controller with automatic computation of the control parameters for each zone

Operation / Visualisation:
Micro controller with swiveling 7“ touch panel

Sensor input:
Thermocouple Fe/CuNi, switchable to Ni/CrNi with internal thermocouple reference junction

Temperature range:
0-500°C, switchable to 32-932°F

Calibration accuracy:
≤ 0.25%

Heating outputs:
max. 230 VAC/16 A =3680 W per zone, trouble-free switching algorithm, secured by super-fast-acting (FF) safety fuses 16A, 6.3 x 32mm

Alarm output:
Potential-free alarm contact, max. load up to 250VAC / 2A (can be inverted)

Safety shutdown:
Load shedding in the case of failed Triac (short circuit)

Reduction / Boost:
can be switched both manually and externally via the 24 VDC control circuit

Mould connection:
According to customer specification

Power supply:
400 VAC +10…-10%, 50…60Hz, 3P / N / PE, other voltages upon request

Power supply:
CEE 16 A, CEE 32 A, 4 m

1x USB-external, 1x Ethernet, OPC/UA, optional RS232, RS485, TTY

Control fuse:
Safety fuse MT 2 A, 5 x 20mm

Ambient temperature:
Operation 0…+55°C, storage -30…+70°C

Climatic application class:
according to DIN 40 040, relative humidity 75% in the annual average, no condensation

Protective system:

Protection class:

Manufactured according to IEC 348 (DIN VDE 0411)

CE Marking:
EMC according to 89 / 336 / EEC, EN 50081-2, EN 50082-2


The structure

User interface:

Thanks to its practical carry handles, the stackable hot runner control device can easily be transported. All fuses are easily accessible from outside.

  1. touch panel that can be swiveled up and down
  2. USB connection
  3. Power button
  4. Fuses

Device rear view:

We will manufacture the mould and network connection according to your individual company standards.

  1. Mould connection – custom-made for you
  2. Power supply – custom-made for you
  3. Ethernet connection
  4. Alarm contact
  5. Ext. Reduction and boost

Possible combinations:

All device data and mould settings can be centrally stored and managed via the Ethernet connection. Furthermore, additional devices such as needle valve-control NVS and pressure measuring system DMS are linked with the devices via the Ethernet connection. These then perform the operation and visualisation. Various injection moulding machines can be connected via conventional data interfaces or via the Ethernet so that operation and visualisation occurs on the machine’s screen.


Device models:

TypeZonesItem No.Size (mm) W x H x DWeight approx. kg
VARIO 442410-xxxx-04341 x 175 x 2506
VARIO 882410-xxxx-08341 x 175 x 2507
VARIO 12122410-xxxx-12341 x 260 x 2509
VARIO 16162410-xxxx-16341 x 260 x 25010
VARIO 20202410-xxxx-20341 x 345 x 25012
VARIO 24242410-xxxx-24341 x 345 x 25013
VARIO 28282410-xxxx-28341 x 430 x 25015
VARIO 32322410-xxxx-32341 x 430 x 25016

Special versions on request

xxxx = will be replaced by a custom version number in the case of special equipment.

Subject to modifications.

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